Discussion On Social Media

I've been hearing so much about blogging and social media in general the last couple of years that I knew I needed to try it out. So I have been doing exactly that trying it out. And what I've found is that most times it is very exciting.

I have found numerous sites to comment on, and have wound up in discussions with the post authors. Sometimes this has resulted in following others on Twitter and them following me back, or seeing my posts get shared on Google+ or Facebook or even having a discussion in the comment section of my blog.

I find it quite amazing and fascinating at the same time. Its not that I haven't done tech work before, its that this is a different sort of animal. People read, they think and they respond in a genuine way with ideas that simply make sense. Now I know that I will run into some people who just aren't that way. But for right now, this is a great way to get to know more people both in my market and outside of it. And to find some new friends to interact with.