Finding New Prospects

In over 20 years of speaking covering 3,000 plus seminars to entrepreneurs, business owners, and those selling professional services, I find that one can predict success to the degree they master these 9 key skill sets required for success in selling professional services.

The 9 Key Skill Sets are: 
Prospecting—Identifying Key Niche Markets

Establishing High Levels of Trust

Uncovering Prospects’ Needs

Solving Problems with Customized Solutions

Handling Objections

Closing Sales

Generating Repeat Business

Generating Referral Business

Creating Systems and Processes

The one to start with without which you don't have any business at all is Number 1. You have to know how to find new prospects or your business is going to go cold.

I've written some of my best tips for getting new prospects right here: Finding New Prospects

Including the top one of all - make sure you are talking to the right audience.